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Offer Fulfilled! American Express Festival Season Spend Based Offer 2023

The offer has been fulfilled by the bank/company.
Faced similar issue.

Firstly captcha error then Insufficient Balance error.

Hope that, glitch will be fixed soon. I'll wait and try tomorrow.

Didn't do anything after the error, though recieved the AMZ voucher through email.

Amex is always speak without being asked and proved.
Festival season has begun, and Amex India is back with its lucrative spend-based offer.
This offer is tailored and may vary for different customers.

Offer period: September 15, 2023, to November 15, 2023 (both days included).

Offer fulfillment Date: On or before March 15, 2024 (120 days after the offer period ends).

Enrollment: You have to enroll your Amex card for this offer, check your email for enrollment link. Enrollment is must, otherwise you'll not be eligible for this offer.

Detail Terms & Conditions: Attached

Spending Target: This may vary from customer to customer. Some offers are as follows:

Spend 25,000 and get a 1000 gift voucher. [Reward Rate: 4%]
Spend 50,000 and get a 2000 gift voucher. [Reward Rate: 4%]
Spend 1,00,000 and get a 4000 gift voucher. [Reward rate: 4%]
Spend 2,00,000 and get a 10,000 Taj gift voucher. [Reward Rate: 5%]
Spend 3,00,000 and get a 15,000 Taj gift voucher. [Reward Rate: 5%]
Spend 4,00,000 and get a 20,000 Taj gift voucher. [Reward Rate: 5%]

This is an excellent offer with a 4% reward rate (for Amazon and flipkart gv) and 5% reward rate (for Taj GV) along with other card-based and accelerated rewards.

Update (14th Dec, 2023):
Offer fulfilled! Gift Voucher Received From Amex.
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Yes, even I got the fulfillment voucher.
I got 25k Taj Voucher on 5 Lakhs spend offer. I couldn't see that in the list in this post, did anyone get this offer?
Taj vouchers are yet to be delivered, only Amazon/Flipkart has been sent so far.

CC told someone they will be delivered by March but I'm expecting they should come by the month end or in January.
Has anyone received rewards for this campaign??
Reward Multiplier End of Season Sale Promotional -Offer Spend Based Offer (29th July - 15th August 2023)

This is an older campaign. But haven't received the vouchers for this one.
Offer fulfilled for this campaign. Received 5k voucher for 75k spend.