HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card Review

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HDFC Bank recently re-launched its millennial offering in September 2021. Though the card was a good rewarding card earlier also but now this refresh makes it a very simple to understand card. If you are an existing cardholder then these upgrades are applicable for you as well from 1st November 2021. Here’s everything you wish to know about the card.

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Charges and Welcome Benefits

Joining Fee₹1000 + GST = ₹1180
Welcome Benefit1000 Cash Points (Applicable only on payment of fees)
Renewal Fee₹1000 + GST = ₹1180
Renewal BenefitsNone
Renewal Fee WaiverSpend ₹1L or more in a year.

Currently, all the HDFC Credit Cards except HDFC Infinia Credit Card, HDFC Diners Club Black Credit card, and HDFC Diners Club Intermiles Credit Card are being offered under a special lifetime free pricing by doing a minimum threshold retail spends in the first 90 days of card issuance and for Millennia this amount is ₹50,000. Such offers can change anytime so check with the bank before applying for the same.

Keeping that aside, the joining/renewal fee waiver conditions are pretty good for a card of this range and amazing benefits.

Reward Points/Cashback Accrual

  • No minimum transaction amount required for points accrual.
  • Only HDFC card which gives points on wallet loads.
  • Points will be credited in the first week of the month for spends done in the last month.

    HDFC Bank has a dedicated portal named SmartBuy with which we get some extra rewards and cashbacks. Strategy for maximizing gains via SmartBuy has been shared later in the article.
SmartBuy BenefitsTotal CashbackMaximum Cashback per
Calendar Month
*SmartBuy CashbackUpto 10% Cashback ₹1000
  • SmartBuy Cashback will be credited within 90 days from the end of the month in which spends were done.

HDFC SmartBuy supports merchants like Amazon, Flipkart, MakeMy Trip, Apple Tresor, and likes. It also supports multiple partners for travel bookings.

Reward Points Redemption

Modes of RedemptionValue per PointRedemption Charges
Cashback (Statement Credit)₹1None
Flights & Hotels Booking via Smartbuy₹0.30₹99 + GST
Rewards Catalogue at the SmartBuy Rewards Portal₹0.30₹99 + GST

As this is a cashback credit card as per HDFC Bank, the table above clearly shows the intention of HDFC Bank here is to make conditions favourable for a statement credit. It’s a win-win for users and why not! After all, hard cash is better than all other redemptions if you are not getting better value than cash.

Hassle-free cashback redemption using HDFC My Rewards Portal.
  • The minimum CashPoint balance required for redemption against the statement balance is 500 CashPoints.
  • CashPoints valid for 2 years from date of accumulation.
  • For Flights and Hotels redemption you can redeem up to a maximum of 50% of the booking value through Reward Points.

Milestone Benefits

₹1000 worth of gift vouchers on spends of ₹1,00,000 and above in each calendar quarter.

Quite a list of brands available for milestone voucher.

TechnoFino Maximum

In this section, we would be simplifying the rules of the game and giving you the crux of information on how to maximize the reward rate on this card.

If you want to shop on Amazon then shop directly and this card will give you a flat 5% cashback in the form of CashPoints but we recommend you to shop on Amazon via the SmartBuy portal which is offering 5% SmartBuy cashback plus you get 1 CashPoint per ₹100 spent extra under all other spends category subject to a maximum of 1000 CashPoints. So all in all the reward rate jumps to 6%. After the SmartBuy quota of ₹1000 is over we recommend you to shop directly on Amazon to consume the select 10 merchants quota of 1000 CashPoints.

So for Amazon, you can earn 1200 CashPoints and ₹1000 Smartbuy on shopping of ₹40,000 on Amazon which translates to 5.5% cashback and easily beats ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card!

For Flipkart, the SmartBuy route makes no sense as you will get a 1% Smartbuy benefit and an additional 1% return in the form of CashPoints whereas if you shop directly then you get a 5% reward in the form of Cashpoints. So this card competes head-on with Axis Bank Flipkart Credit Card if you are shopping under ₹20,000. And the cherry on the top is the milestone benefits which jacks up the reward rate by a further 1%.

For Amazon and Flipkart you can also take Smartbuy voucher route by buying 5000 worth of vouchers for each of the portals. This will give you 5% Smartbuy Cashback on vouchers and 1% equivalent cashpoints that translates to 6%.

This card also very smartly beats the reward rate of Axis Ace Credit Card and Axis Flipkart Credit Card of 4% that they offer on their partner merchants like Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber.

TechnoFino Tip

Align your billing cycle of the HDFC Credit Cards as much as possible with the calendar month by asking the bank to shift your billing cycle date to the 2nd of every month to minimize the calculations related to capping of CashPoints and SmartBuy cashback. HDFC doesn’t allow the first and last two days of the month as your billing cycle date.

Other Benefits

Airport Lounge Access

Access Via – Credit Card
Complimentary Domestic Limit – 2 Visits/Quarter (Total 8 Domestic Lounge access in a year)
Network – Visa Signature/MasterCard/Diners Club/Rupay

Being a starter card it may allow you access to selected lounges only. So it’s highly recommended for you to check which network is preferred by the lounge frequented by you.

DineOut Membership

The cardholder is eligible for exclusive complimentary DineOut Passport Membership for 3 months if he/she achieves spend ₹50,000 and more every calendar quarter using Millennia credit card. 

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

1% fuel surcharge waiver at all fuel stations across India. (On minimum transaction of ₹400 & maximum transaction of ₹5,000. Maximum waiver of ₹250 per statement cycle).

Insurance Coverage

Zero lost card liability: In the unfortunate event of losing your HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card, on reporting it immediately to 24-hour call center, you have zero liability on any fraudulent transactions made on your Credit Card. 

HDFC Bank Customer Care Number 1860 267 6161


The eligibility conditions are not that high and the bank is also a bit flexible on them. So if you have a good relationship with HDFC Bank and are a bit underqualified for the criteria still we would recommend you to ask for a Millennia Credit Card and the bank may approve it.

Neat and clean minimalistic design of HDFC Millennia Credit Card.

For Salaried
Indian national
Age: Min 21 yrs & Max 40 Yrs,
Income: Gross Monthly Income> ₹35,000

For Self Employed
Indian national
Age: Min 21 yrs & Max 40 Yrs, Income: ITR > ₹6.0 Lakhs per annum

Unofficially if you have an existing credit card with HDFC Bank having a 1L limit then you can ask for an upgrade.

TechnoFino Recommends

Anyone who has been tracking this card can easily judge that the card has been quite simplified now. With the minimum transaction amount limit removed and points validity extended by a year, this card has become highly rewarding even for a normal user who doesn’t understand the complexities of the T&C and is not a high spender.

But the card has been silently devalued for high spenders by HDFC Bank as this card was earlier beating even HDFC Regalia Credit Card by providing double-dip opportunities on Amazon shopping and Instant Vouchers via SmartBuy which used to translate to 10%. I had myself garnered around 15000 CashPoints and around ₹12,000 SmartBuy Cashback in a year by using it for my house rental payments via Payzapp on the NoBroker platform and Amazon shopping.

We highly recommend this card to every millennial out there looking to get a hand on a reward-worthy credit card but are not able to decide which card to choose from due to a plethora of options out there. This one card can meet your every need from shopping, dining, commuting, apparel, and all that other things. We also recommend everyone to maintain and build a long relationship with HDFC Bank as it is one of the most rewarding banks in the Indian banking space.

Are you planning to take the plunge into the world of HDFC Millennia? Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below.

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  1. I have ordered 6300 value from Amazon by millennia credit card. Total I received message. Only 168 rewards points credited. How is this 5% of value?

    • you have to wait few more days, if you don’t receive full Cashback in next 7 days, contact Hdfc and register complain.

  2. I got upgrade from money back master card to millennia master card in Oct 21. My limit is 90k. So I guess 1L limit is not must have to have the card upgraded.

  3. I have an HDFC preferred account (6 months old), I don’t have any HDFC credit card. Can I get DCB directly if I have the required income? I have 10-12 other credit cards.

  4. How can I know how much of cashback point I have earned in particular spend as the cashback points are accumulated after the calendar month with total aggregated cashback of that calendar month

    • You have to manually calculate all the points as HDFC is not giving transaction-wise breakup on cards variants lower than Regalia. I have aligned my billing cycle to the 2nd of every month so that all my transactions are inclined with calendar month and there is no headache of doing calculations from multiple statements. You can follow the same.

  5. “shift your billing cycle date to the 2nd of every month” by this you mean the bill generation date? What’s the benifit of this?

  6. When do they credit RP ? After statement genration OR calender month end ?

    The reason why I am asking is my first statement got generated on 22 Nov but I received RP on 3 December. And upon calculation I found that they gave the rewards for entire Nov month instead of the statement (generated on 22 Nov).

  7. I have received HDFC Millennia card but they have sent a diners version. As diners acceptance is low compare to Rupay or VISA, What should I do to change it to Rupay or VISA?

  8. Whether the capping on millennia card i.e 1000 for 5% category and other 1000 for 1% category is calculated on 1 to 30/31st basis or it is according to billing cycle basis?
    As in my case the billing cycle is 17 to 17. Please tell me in my case capping of cashpoints are from when to when? and also from smartbuy portal capping dates are?

  9. I’m a student with no income and was offered the card when i went to the bank one day . I’ve used it for one month (25k from 75k limit) and paid bill in time…and my cibil dropped to 729. What could be the reason?

  10. Are axis grab deals offer applicable to flipkart axis card??? I have HDFC MILLENNIA Card and want to apply for flipkart axis card if grab deals offer are applicable

  11. I have this card and when I ordered on Amazon via Smartbuy, I have received 10% value back (5% Card benefit reward points + 5% Smartbuy Cashback credited directly to the statement)

  12. Hi all , I got the HDFC NEW MILLENNIA CREDIT CARD today and it is LTF for me unconditionally. I do not hold any existing relationship with HDFC BANK. I got this LTF based on my credit history and credit score across several credit information companies.
    Another great thing is that my MILLENNIA card is based on DINER’s CLUB International platform and has a unique 14 digit Card number

  13. Anyone got the mail that “Reward points earned on property management services including rent, made with your HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card xxxx will be capped at 500 RP/month.”

  14. Thanks for the detailed review. I believe the blog content needs to be updated for Amazon shopping via SmartBuy portal. Amazon is no longer available hence 6% cashback is not possible. Only Rs 5000 Amazon voucher option is available. This will help the reader to compare the benefits with other cards. One more request, please put the blog creation date , it will help to identify how old the blog is.


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