World of Hyatt: The Ultimate Guide for Indians

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Hyatt Hotels is a global hospitality company known for its upscale accommodations, exceptional service, and diverse portfolio of brands catering to both leisure and business travellers. With properties in major cities and resort destinations worldwide, Hyatt offers a range of experiences from luxury stays to budget-friendly options. 

Although Hyatt may not boast the extensive presence of Marriott or Hilton, it remains a favoured choice among both frequent and occasional travellers. With over 1,300 hotels across 77 countries spanning 6 continents, Hyatt steadily expands its reach into new markets. In the late 1980s, the brand introduced its frequent guest program to cultivate customer loyalty. Despite its comparatively smaller scale, the World of Hyatt loyalty program sets a high standard with various avenues for earning and redeeming points and a robust rewards system tailored to its members’ needs. Members can also enjoy perks like complimentary breakfast, late check-out, and access to special events depending on their membership tier. Here’s a loyalty guide from an Indian’s point of view!

Hyatt Brands

With an expansive portfolio of 28 brands, Hyatt caters to a diverse range of guests and their preferences. From opulent palaces to tropical all-inclusive resorts, Hyatt offers something for every vacationer. The following brands are currently part of the Hyatt family:

  • Alila
  • Alua
  • Andaz
  • Breathless
  • Caption by Hyatt
  • Destination by Hyatt (including participating Destination by Hyatt Hotels and Residences)
  • Dreams
  • Grand Hyatt
  • Hyatt (including participating legacy AMR Collection properties)
  • Hyatt Centric
  • Hyatt House
  • Hyatt Place
  • Hyatt Regency
  • Hyatt Vacation Club (including all vacation ownership properties)
  • Hyatt Studios
  • Hyatt Vivid
  • Hyatt Zilara
  • Hyatt Ziva
  • Impression by Secrets
  • JdV by Hyatt
  • Miraval
  • Mr & Mrs Smith
  • Park Hyatt
  • Secrets
  • Sunscape
  • The Unbound Collection by Hyatt
  • Thompson Hotels
  • Zoëtry

This diverse array of brands ensures that Hyatt can meet the vacation needs of travellers across the globe, offering unparalleled experiences and accommodations tailored to individual tastes and desires.

World of Hyatt Elite Tiers

World of Hyatt offers three elite status tiers beyond its basic membership: Discoverist, Explorist, and Globalist. Here’s a breakdown of the requirements for each tier:


  • Qualification: 10 nights, three meetings and events, or 25,000 base points.
  • Benefits:
    • 10% point bonus on Hyatt stays.
    • Space-available upgrades to preferred rooms within the same category.
    • 2 p.m. late checkout.
    • Premium internet access.
    • Complimentary bottled water at check-in.


  • Qualification: 30 nights, 10 meetings and events, or 50,000 base points.
  • Benefits:
    • 20% bonus points on Hyatt stays.
    • Upgraded rooms (excluding suites and rooms with club lounge access).
    • Guaranteed room availability with 72-hour advance booking.


  • Qualification: 60 nights, 20 meetings and events, or 100,000 base points.
  • Benefits:
    • 30% bonus on eligible purchases.
    • Space-available room upgrades, including standard suites.
    • 4 p.m. checkout.
    • Access to Club lounges (where available) and complimentary full breakfast at hotels without lounges.
    • Guaranteed room availability with 48-hour advance booking.
    • Waived resort fees on eligible paid rates.
    • Early check-in (subject to availability).
    • Ability to share elite perks on award stays through the Guest of Honor program.
    • Free parking on award stays.

These tiers provide various perks and privileges tailored to enhance the stay experience for loyal World of Hyatt members.

How to Earn Hyatt Points

While in numerous countries, transferring credit card points to Hyatt is the simplest method to earn Hyatt points, this option isn’t available in India. Currently, there are no banking partners or co-branded cards for Hyatt in the Indian market. Consequently, individuals in India have two primary avenues to accumulate Hyatt points: staying at Hyatt hotels or purchasing Hyatt points directly. Let’s delve into these options further.

Earn with Hotel Stays

Points can be earned on all direct bookings made with Hyatt Hotels. Hyatt rewards guests with 5 points per dollar spent on hotel stays and eligible room charges (such as room service, bar tabs, and spa services). This earning rate remains consistent across all categories of Hyatt hotels.

Travellers holding World of Hyatt elite status receive additional bonus points on their hotel stays. The bonus points awarded for each tier are as follows:

  • Discoverist: 10% bonus (equivalent to 5.5 points per dollar spent)
  • Explorist: 20% bonus (equivalent to 6 points per dollar spent)
  • Globalist: 30% bonus (equivalent to 6.5 points per dollar spent)

Buying World of Hyatt Points

Hyatt frequently offers promotions for purchasing points, with an annual cap of 55,000 World of Hyatt Points per year. However, due to bonus offers, the actual acquired points often exceed this limit. Moreover, Hyatt facilitates family pooling and individual transfers between members, which will be discussed later. Hyatt Points can cost you around ₹1.4 to ₹1.6 per point when purchased under various promotions which come from time to time.

To maximize point purchases, consider using credit cards that offer accelerated reward points in hotel or travel categories, such as the Axis Atlas card. Alternatively, cards offering accelerated rewards on foreign currency transactions, like the Axis Reserve or Citi Prestige, can help you reap the maximum benefits. Clicking on this link will redirect you to the point purchase website.

The World of Hyatt Points Purchase.

How to Redeem World of Hyatt Points

Redeem for Award Nights

Hyatt distinguishes itself by pricing its award nights based on a published award chart, a notable departure from other programs that have adopted dynamic pricing. In this system, the number of points required for a free night redemption varies according to the hotel category, with higher-category hotels demanding more points.

Typically, upscale brands such as Park Hyatt and Andaz, along with properties in sought-after tourist destinations, fall into higher categories, as do most Small Luxury Hotels of the World properties. Conversely, chains like Hyatt House and Hyatt Place tend to offer lower redemption rates.

Here’s the breakdown of the standard points required per night for different award categories in the World of Hyatt program:

Award CategoryStandard Points per NightStandard Regency/Grand Club Points per NightStandard Suite Points per NightPremium Suite Points per Night
Category 15,0007,0008,00010,000
Category 28,00012,00013,00016,000
Category 312,00017,00020,00024,000
Category 415,00021,00024,00030,000
Category 520,00027,00032,00040,000
Category 625,00033,00040,00050,000
Category 730,00039,00048,00060,000
Category 840,00050,00061,00080,000
Award Chart for Category 1-8 Hotels

World of Hyatt offers off-peak, standard, and peak pricing options. When you make a reservation using points, you can determine whether your selected dates fall under off-peak, standard, or peak pricing by observing the corresponding points required for the booking.

Here’s the breakdown of off-peak, standard, and peak pricing for different award categories in the World of Hyatt program:

Award CategoryOff-peak (with % change)StandardPeak (with% change)
Category 13,500 (-30%)5,0006,500 (+30%)
Category 26,500 (-18.75%)8,0009,500 (+18.75%)
Category 39,000 (-25%)12,00015,000 (+25%)
Category 412,000 (-20%)15,00018,000 (+20%)
Category 517,000 (-15%)20,00023,000 (+15%)
Category 621,000 (-16%)25,00029,000 (+16%)
Category 725,000 (-16.67%)30,00035,000 (+16.67%)
Category 835,000 (-12.5%)40,00045,000 (+12.5%)
Award Chart for Off-peak, Standard and Peak Season

It’s important to note that off-peak and peak pricing also extends to club rooms and suites, with detailed rates available on Hyatt’s redemption page. To determine which hotels fall under each category, you can visit Hyatt’s site and access the relevant page. Here, you can select individual categories from the dropdown menu and filter by region to find specific properties.

Sweet Spots in India

On a closer look at some of the Hyatt Properties in India, I could find that you can even get more than ₹3 per point which is double the purchase value of the points bought under promotions. Some sweet spot properties include:

  • Hyatt Place Gurgaon Udyog Vihar
  • Hyatt Centric Sector 17 Chandigarh
  • Hyatt Hyderabad Gachibowli
  • Hyatt Regency Delhi
  • Park Hyatt Chennai
  • Hyatt Delhi Residences
  • Hyatt Regency Chandigarh

Pay My Way

If you lack sufficient points for full redemption, you might qualify for a Pay My Way award, which allows you to combine points and cash for a discounted stay. These awards should appear during an award search if available. Alternatively, Hyatt continues to offer Points + Cash redemptions, enabling you to pay half of the award night price and half of the paid rate for that night.

Redeem for All-Inclusive Properties

In addition to the standard award redemptions, several all-inclusive properties adhere to distinct redemption charts. Due to the unique nature of these locations, they are categorized under a separate award chart. The regular award rates are calculated based on single or double occupancy, with an additional fee for additional room occupants.

Here are the redemption details for the all-inclusive category:

All-Inclusive CategoryPoints per Night (Off-Peak / Standard / Peak)Additional Points per Person, per Night (Off-Peak / Standard / Peak)
Category A12,000 / 15,000 / 18,0006,500 / 7,500 / 8,500
Category B17,000 / 20,000 / 23,0008,500 / 10,000 / 11,500
Category C21,000 / 25,000 / 29,00010,500 / 12,500 / 14,500
Category D25,000 / 30,000 / 35,00013,000 / 15,000 / 17,000
Category E35,000 / 40,000 / 45,00017,000 / 20,000 / 23,000
Category F42,000 / 50,000 / 68,00022,000 / 25,000 / 28,000
Award Chart for All-Inclusive Properties

In addition to the all-inclusive properties, Hyatt boasts three luxurious wellness resorts under the Miraval brand:

  • Miraval Berkshires
  • Miraval Austin
  • Miraval Arizona

Award nights at these esteemed properties encompass accommodations, a $175 resort credit per person, dining, nonalcoholic beverages, and an array of complimentary activities. Rates commence at 40,000 points for off-peak, single-occupancy reservations in standard rooms. However, they can escalate to as high as 137,000 points per night for premium suites accommodating two guests on peak dates.

Redeem for Spa and Dining Credits

You can redeem points for dining and spa experiences at the hotel even if you’re not staying overnight. Essentially, you exchange your points for credit to use on the property, with the value of the credit increasing as you redeem more points.

Points can also be exchanged for account credits to pay for in-room movies, parking, transportation, and other incidentals at the participating hotels. The exchange rates are as follows:

Points RequiredCredit (in USD)

However, this is not the best use of your points. Since points are exchanged at a rate of 0.5 cents per point, you would lose significant value by using them for a spa treatment, in-room movie, or meal at the hotel.

Room Category Upgrade

Hyatt offers the option to utilize points for upgrading eligible paid stays. Upgrade rates vary, starting from 3,000 points per night for upgrades to club-level rooms and extending to 9,000 points per night for premium suites. Opting for upgrades to the club level can be particularly advantageous, especially when travelling with a companion to a property that provides a lavish club lounge breakfast experience.

Here are the points required per night for room upgrade awards:

  • Regency Club/Grand Club upgrade: 3,000 points
  • Standard Suite upgrade: 6,000 points
  • Premium Suite upgrade: 9,000 points

Using Points for Car Rentals

You can also exchange World of Hyatt points for Avis car rental certificates to reduce rental costs. For 6,000 points, members receive a certificate valid for one day of a mid-size sedan car rental with Avis. Also by using your Hyatt loyalty number one can avail of some flat discounts as well.

Airline Transfer Partners

Hyatt collaborates with 25 airlines, offering World of Hyatt members the option to convert their points to airline partners, albeit at varying exchange rates. Typically, the transfer ratio involves converting 5 World of Hyatt points into 2 frequent flyer miles. To initiate a conversion, a minimum of 5,000 points is required, after which conversions can be made in increments of 1,250 points. Moreover, members stand to earn a 5,000-mile bonus if they convert 50,000 points or more.

Here’s the complete roster of World of Hyatt Airline Transfer Partners:

  • Aeromexico
  • Air China
  • Air France/KLM
  • All Nippon Airways (ANA)
  • American Airlines
  • Asiana Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • China Airlines
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • China Southern Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Japan Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • LanChile Airlines
  • Qantas Airways
  • Qatar Airways
  • Royal Brunei Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Thai Airways International
  • United Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways

Some of Hyatt’s airline partners offer alternative points-to-miles conversion rates, deviating from the standard 5:2 ratio. For instance, a transfer of 5,000 Hyatt points to these airlines results in the following conversions:

  • Aeromexico: 4,000 miles
  • Air China: 3,200 miles
  • China Eastern: 3,200 miles
  • Qantas: 2,400 miles
  • Southwest: 2,400 miles
  • Virgin Atlantic: 3,000 miles

Overall, converting your Hyatt points to airline miles is not an ideal use of your points, even with the 5,000-point bonus. You’ll obtain much better value by redeeming them for award nights.

American Airlines AAdvantage

American Airlines AAdvantage is a partner of World of Hyatt. By linking your World of Hyatt and AAdvantage accounts, elite members earn bonus points for every eligible dollar spent on qualifying American Airlines flights. Elite members of both programs can earn bonus points or miles, whether flying with American Airlines or staying at a Hyatt.

  • World of Hyatt Elite Members: Earn 1 Hyatt point for every eligible dollar spent on qualifying American Airlines flights.
  • American AAdvantage Elite Members: Earn 1 AAdvantage mile for every eligible dollar spent on qualifying Hyatt stays and experiences.
  • American Airlines Concierge Key Members: Eligible for Hyatt Globalist status.

FIND Experiences

FIND Experiences offers three categories of activities, each designed to enhance personal well-being:

  1. Feel: Experiences aimed at mental stimulation or relaxation.
  2. Fuel: Culinary experiences involving food and drinks, whether through cooking, eating, or both.
  3. Function: Activity-based experiences.

You don’t need to stay at a Hyatt hotel to participate in FIND Experiences. Many of these activities are independent of Hyatt properties, with over 200 experiences available worldwide across more than 30 countries.

World of Hyatt members can earn and redeem points for FIND Experiences. When you pay for these experiences, you earn 10 points per dollar spent — that’s double the points earned on Hyatt hotel stays. Depending on your elite status with Hyatt, you could earn up to 30% more points, equating to 13 points per dollar for Globalist members. If you prefer to use your Hyatt points instead, redemptions start at just 1,000 points. While this might not be the best use of Hyatt points, it can be a great way to save on cash.

Sweet Spots

Booking Category 1 Hotels

Booking off-peak Category 1 Hyatt stays for just 3,500 points per night presents an excellent opportunity. This option serves as a great sweet spot, particularly if you’re planning to visit a destination where Category 1 hotels are available.

Award Night Certificate

In India, given the absence of any co-branded credit cards with Hyatt, the easiest methods for earning Category 1 to 4 free night certificates are already excluded. However, you can obtain these certificates through the following means:

  • Accrue 30 nights or earn 50,000 base points from stays at Hyatt properties.
  • Qualify for free night certificates by staying at five distinct Hyatt brands on eligible rates through Hyatt’s Brand Explorer, with the potential to earn up to five free night certificates.

Staying at Highest Category Hotels

Hyatt’s redemption rates offer relatively reasonable options, enabling stays at Category 7 and 8 hotels for between 25,000 and 45,000 points per night, contingent upon peak and off-peak dates. However, rates can significantly escalate during peak seasons. Securing award nights during such times presents an opportunity to save substantially on cash expenditures. Therefore, purchasing points during promotions and utilizing them for stays at top-tier hotels during peak seasons represents one of the most advantageous uses of World of Hyatt points.

Guest of Honor

With World of Hyatt Globalist status, members can access a range of benefits including complimentary breakfast, 4 p.m. late checkout, parking and resort fee waivers, club lounge access, and suite upgrades upon availability. Moreover, Globalists have the unique ability to extend these perks to family and friends through the “Guest of Honor” feature.

The “Guest of Honor” reward is automatically granted once certain thresholds are met:

  • 40 nights or 65,000 base points (one earned)
  • 60 nights or 100,000 base points (two earned)
  • 70 nights (one earned)
  • 80 nights (one earned)
  • 90 nights (one earned)
  • 110 nights (one earned)
  • 120 nights (one earned)
  • 130 nights (one earned)
  • 140 nights (one earned)

Each “Guest of Honor” booking allows for a maximum stay of 7 nights per reservation and can be made using either World of Hyatt points or cash. Additionally, the recipient of the Guest of Honor benefit can utilize their own World of Hyatt points for the reservation. However, it’s important to note that other award perks such as Suite Night upgrades cannot be combined with Guest of Honor bookings.

Family Pooling

While many loyalty programs impose restrictions or fees on transferring points between members, World of Hyatt stands out by allowing its members to combine points freely and with minimal constraints.

Members can merge their World of Hyatt points with any other member, without the need for family affiliation, albeit solely to redeem an award. Additionally, Hyatt specifies that each member can only initiate or receive point transfers once every 30 days.

To execute a points combination, members need to complete a PDF form, providing details such as their name, World of Hyatt number, phone number, mailing address, and email associated with both accounts. The transferring member must authorize Hyatt to deduct a specific number of points from their account and transfer them to the recipient member. Both parties must sign the form, which can then be emailed to Typically, the transfer process takes a maximum of one week to complete.

Points Expiry

Hyatt points undergo expiration if there’s no qualifying activity on your account for 24 months. It’s crucial to note that once points expire, they cannot be reinstated, indicating a hard expiry policy.

To safeguard against expiration, it’s imperative to engage in qualifying activity within 24 months, such as earning or redeeming your World of Hyatt points. Utilizing your points in various ways, including transferring them to airlines or participating in family pooling, also extends their validity.


World of Hyatt offers a plethora of high-value redemptions, desirable hotels, and valuable rewards certificates. Award bookings stand out as a particular strength for Hyatt, with its award chart offering excellent value across all levels. Savvy travellers can seize opportunities to maximize their points and enjoy exceptional perks with top-tier Globalist elite status. With its outstanding benefits and rewarding redemption options, World of Hyatt continues to be the preferred choice for many discerning travellers.

Which is your dream property from the Hyatt collection? Do let us know in the comments below!

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