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Yes Bank MARQUEE Credit Card launched - Features & Benefits | Full Details

Not idfc dc
Select Card 2+2 / Quarter ( Matlab Har Quarter Me 4 Lounge Access ? , Companion Ke Liye Lounge ke liye how are they differentiating bro, the Primary Holder himself can redeem 4 for himself right ?)
Wealth Card 3+3 / Quarter ( 6 Lounge Access per quarter means 24 Lounge Access per year ? )

Weblink https://webaccess.dreamfolks.in can be accessed by customers for self checking of complementary visit quota and generating vouchers for guest(s) travelling with them.
o A Pre-authorization charge (one time , non-refundable) of Rs.2 would be debited for accessing the portal and viewing the quota.
o The charge of Rs.2 will be levied again when customer creates a QR code /generates voucher for accessing the lounge

Ye Kya bimari hai, just for checking the Quota they will charge Rs.2 which is non refundable and then QR scanning me again Rs.2 Deduct,
If we need to check the Quota again, are they deducting Rs.2 again and again ?

I am considering applying for yes bank card.

Which will best with decent travel,lounge & online benefits.

Salary:- 3L+/month

Cibil 787
Gathering knowledge to use in future........
Isme kya itna sochna

Ok. Just out of curious asked...

anyway, not possible currently but that can be overruled if one have significant relationship with bank or existing card spends (This applicable for all banks and all cards, nothing fixed and anything can be changed in finance industry).. But, through simple email its not working currently.

How to max out?

Thread 'YES Marquee vs YES Reserv 3x vs YES Reserv 5x' https://www.technofino.in/community/threads/yes-marquee-vs-yes-reserv-3x-vs-yes-reserv-5x.24652/
Also I used the card for International Lounge on Monday 8th July at Singapore Marhaba Lounge and was charged $1 ( account debited for 83 INR ) for both the cards seperately.
They did not ask for any pin and the card went through easily
( Not sure if they will refund the $1 back, but it's still kind of free at this price )

Both Domestic and International transactions went smoothly without any problem.

Any questions are welcome.
$1 will be refunded within 2 weeks.