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amex festiv offer

  1. the_dark_knight

    Amex Referral Program Vaildity

    Hi I am planning to apply for Amex CC (Mrcc) variant in the referral program which provides FYF with joining rewards and discounted annual fee. On the website referral landing page, it is showing that the festive offer is valid till 16th oct 6pm. But when I checked the terms and conditions of...
  2. TechnoFino

    Offer Fulfilled! American Express Festival Season Spend Based Offer 2023

    Festival season has begun, and Amex India is back with its lucrative spend-based offer. This offer is tailored and may vary for different customers. Offer period: September 15, 2023, to November 15, 2023 (both days included). Offer fulfillment Date: On or before March 15, 2024 (120 days after...