Priority Pass: The Ultimate Guide for Indians

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Airport layovers can turn into a pleasant experience when spent in an exclusive club, enjoying delicious snacks, sipping wine, and reclining in a comfortable chair, that too without breaking the bank. This is why having a premium credit card with a complimentary Priority Pass membership is so valuable for frequent travellers. Before lounge membership programs existed, only those with elite status or first-class or business-class tickets could access lounges for free.

The Priority Pass membership, which is included with many credit cards, provides access to over 1,500 airport lounges worldwide at no extra cost. With its global presence, it is an invaluable benefit for travellers who appreciate peace, quiet, and comfort.

Priority Pass Membership

Priority Pass offers various memberships for accessing lounges in its network, which can be purchased directly on its website. Annual fees start at $99. Here are the different membership options:

Standard: Perfect for occasional travellers, this membership costs $99 per year. Each lounge visit costs $35 for the member and $35 for additional guests.

Standard Plus: Ideal for those who travel more frequently, such as once or twice a month, this membership costs $329 annually. It includes 10 free visits to Priority Pass lounges. After that, each visit costs $35, with the same rate for additional guests.

Prestige: Designed for frequent travellers, this membership costs $469 per year. It provides unlimited visits for the member at no additional charge, while guests cost $35 per visit.

Complimentary Membership with Credit Cards

Priority Pass
Priority Pass

As credit card enthusiasts, we primarily look for credit cards that offer a good Priority Pass membership. Despite recent developments in the credit card industry, where banks are limiting lounge visits or restricting them to certain spend categories, many cards still offer unlimited lounge access. Notable examples include the Axis Reserve, HDFC Infinia, and Citi Prestige cards. While Priority Pass is typically used for access to international lounges, some cards, like the Citi Prestige and HDFC Infinia, also provide complimentary access to domestic lounges.

We have also compiled a list of the Best Indian Credit Cards for International Lounge Access which come with a complimentary Priority Pass.

Priority Pass Benefits

Airport Lounge Access

Priority Pass is mainly used to access airport lounges around the world. Its primary aim is to give travellers a more comfortable and relaxing experience while they wait for their flights.

As a Priority Pass member, you enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Complimentary refreshments, including alcohol in most lounges
  • Comfortable spaces for work or relaxation
  • Free Wi-Fi in most lounges
  • Cosy seating and quiet areas
  • Access to the latest magazines and newspapers
  • Power outlets for your devices
  • Select lounges with conference rooms, showers, beds, and spa facilities

Though we mainly use Priority Pass for lounge access, it comes with many other benefits, such as access to sleeping pods, restaurant credits at airports, and more. These additional features depend on the type of Priority Pass membership your bank’s credit card provides. To confirm the availability of these features, you can call their Hong Kong customer care number (+852 2866 1964) or their London customer care number (+44 20 8680 1338). Provide your membership number; they will inform you of the specifics.


Priority Pass partners with select airport restaurants, providing members with benefits at locations without traditional lounges or offering an alternative dining experience to airport lounges.

The restaurant credit typically averages $28 per person, though this amount can vary. Additionally, some restaurants limit the number of guests allowed. For instance, if your membership includes one member and one guest, you could enjoy up to $56 worth of food and drinks using your membership card, for example, the Priority Pass of Axis Reserve credit card.

Priority Pass
Big Smoke Taphouse & Kitchen, London Heathrow, Terminal 2

Minute Suites & Sleeping Pods

Minute Suites offer private rooms with daybeds that can accommodate up to two people and are available 24/7.

Priority Pass members receive one hour of complimentary access to these private suites, making them an excellent option for those needing a quiet place to rest, even if only for an hour. Beyond the first hour, each additional hour costs $34. While Dubai International Airport doesn’t have Minute Suites, it offers sleeping pods at the Sleep ‘n Fly Sleep Lounge & Showers, which can be used for two hours. Similar to the restaurant benefits, members can also bring a travel companion to enjoy these perks with complimentary Guest Access.

Minute Suites, Philadelphia PA International, Terminal B

Be Relax Spa

Spa services are available through Be-Relax Spa, providing a valuable benefit typically reserved for First Class travellers, such as those flying La Première with Air France from CDG airport. As a member, you can choose from the following complimentary services:

  • 30-minute Lounger Massage (a $38 value)
  • 15-minute Lounger Massage with aromatherapy and oxygen (a $38 value)
  • Polish change and hand massage (a $38 value)
  • 10-minute foot massage with aromatherapy and oxygen (a $44 value)

While additional services may be offered at an extra cost, similar to domestic airport spas in India, they often come at a high price. Consider your options carefully before opting for these additional services.

Priority Pass
Be Relax Spa, New York NY JFK International, Terminal 5

Terminal Hotels

Some airports offer complimentary access to terminal hotels for Priority Pass members. For example, Yotel Air at CDG Airport in Paris. However, not all terminal hotels participate in this program. To ensure you have access, check the Priority Pass app or website for the latest information.

YotelAir Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Terminal 2E


If you’re flying from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) or Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) then you can get one hour of access to the Gameway Gaming Station. Enjoy your favourite games and grab some snacks while you relax.

Gameway, Dallas TX – DFW International, Terminal B

Priority Pass Application

A Priority Pass digital card is a convenient alternative to carrying your physical card, offering protection in case it gets misplaced. Many credit cards allow adding a digital membership card, accessible by downloading the Priority Pass app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and logging into your account. Today, most lounges accept digital membership cards.

Priority Pass iOS Application

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use my Priority Pass to access domestic lounges?
    • No, in general, you can’t, but there are exceptions. Citi Prestige and HDFC Infinia’s Priority Pass allow domestic lounge access.
  2. Can I stay multiple hours at a Priority Pass lounge?
    • Yes, you can stay for a maximum of 3 hours. However, many lounges may make exceptions. You need to swipe your Priority Pass again (same or different card depending on the number of complimentary accesses left) for an extended stay.
  3. Can I use a Priority Pass at the same airport for multiple lounges?
    • Yes, you can.
  4. Can my family member or friend use my Priority Pass to access the lounge?
    • No, the lounge operator will check the name on the Priority Pass and the boarding pass. If they don’t match, access will not be provided.
  5. If I have multiple Priority Pass entries left on my Priority Pass, can I take my friend or family with me?
    • Complimentary guest access will allow one complimentary entry. Otherwise, standard charges apply. Alternatively, if you have multiple Priority Pass cards, you can use them for your co-traveller’s entry.
  6. Do I need to carry my physical Priority Pass card with me to get entry?
    • No, you can add your Priority Pass card to the Priority Pass app, and the lounge operator can grant you access by scanning the QR code of the Priority Pass.


Access to airport lounges can significantly enhance your travel experience, especially during long layovers or international trips with multiple legs. Whether you’re seeking complimentary food and drinks, a quiet place to relax, or a workspace, airport lounges offer a comfortable environment to unwind. They also provide opportunities for quick naps and relaxing spa treatments to help you overcome jet lag. If you travel frequently or have an exciting trip planned, it’s worthwhile to find a credit card that includes Priority Pass membership. Otherwise, you can choose a membership that best suits your needs.

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