Primus Lounge Guwahati Airport Review

Primus Lounge Guwahati

The LGBI Guwahati airport which uses a single terminal for both its international and domestic traffic finally has a functional airport lounge. The Primus Lounge is situated at the ground floor SHA area of the terminal, near gate number 2 but is it worth using your lounge access here especially if you have a limited number to use per quarter. Let’s check it out in this quick review!


The check-in was quick since there was no queue. Though a list was already on display for the eligible cards still I asked the person at the counter for commonly eligible cards to avoid wasting time trying from various options which I had but he wasn’t well versed with specific cards. So I first tried my Indusind Exclusive World Mastercard Debit Card but it didn’t work and then finally HDFC Visa Platinum worked there.

Here’s the list of accepted partner networks but it’s not necessary that all cards on these networks will work since these banks have tie-ups for individual card variants depending upon their category.

As per reviews available online of this lounge many people have complained that the staff is asking for Priority Pass for access and is not eager to serve people having other credit and debit cards. But I didn’t face any such issue there.


The ambience of the Primus Lounge was very basic with a seating capacity of just about 25 persons. When I went there it was almost full and I had to wait a bit to grab a seat. So nothing spectacular about the seating here since it gets more congested than the waiting area of the terminal when it gets full.

All in all, it is a lounge for just namesake and better facilities are required in this terminal since the passenger footfall has increased many folds for Guwahati airport.


The food menu was very restricted and the quality of food was also very poor. In non-veg, they were offering only egg curry for which they are charging 499+GST if you are taking the paid access!! The menu was so poor that even IRCTC is providing better food options than this in their railway lounges. I recently reviewed the railway lounge at New Delhi Railway Station and you can yourself compare the services being offered.

I tried their veg North Indian options but was very disappointed by the lack of taste as the dal was just loaded with hot spices.

The drinks section is self-explanatory and other than this they were offering hot beverages like tea and coffee.

TechnoFino Recommends

I would recommend you to avail this lounge only if you are having too many complimentary access on your cards and don’t plan to avail it anywhere else. Paid access to this lounge is a strict no-no since the menu options are quite limited and for the amount, they are charging you have plenty of other options on the terminal where you can do justice to your money.

Have you ever visited this lounge? Do share your experience in the comments below.

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Ashok Kumar

Guwahati airport par Primus lounge ke counter man ne mere se acha behave nahi kiya, or Mera card all lounge me access hone ke bawjud bhi usne accept nahi kiya, or mere sath badtamiji se baat Kiya, iske khilaf action liya jaye

Subhankar Das

The lounge does not accepted any visa, signeture, platinum card . Worst lounge in guwahati.

Pradip Shaw

Worst Experience,, HDFC Regalia card is not accepted.